Scholarships for the International Islamic University in Indonesia to obtain a master’s degree without English language requirement 2021


The International Islamic University Scholarships in Indonesia for the academic year 2021-2022 are free, fully-funded scholarships for international students from all over the world who wish to pursue a master’s degree in Indonesia. The Indonesian International Islamic University is an institution that provides seven schools and offers various academic programs focusing on the study of Islam and the Islamic world.
The university also has several research centers with specific expertise to respond to strategic issues and challenges related to the Islamic community around the world to preserve and promote Islamic culture and civilization, including the rich and diverse Indonesian culture and civilization, the university is developing a comprehensive institution dedicated to the study of Islamic heritage in the region and the preservation On it and its promotion, and the establishment of the Museum display, a collection of artifacts of historical and aesthetic nature and their scientific significance to the Islamic world is awarded to individuals of high caliber who demonstrate academic excellence, provide an excellent record of co-curricular activities and demonstrate outstanding leadership qualities University graduates are expected to contribute significantly to their community and demonstrate As dynamic global leaders capable of bringing about positive change in society, the granting of the International Islamic University in Indonesia supports the highest standards of fairness in admissions and places the highest value on killing scientific responsibility. Minorities, women and individuals with disabilities will also be encouraged to apply

Conditions and Eligibility Criteria for International Islamic University Scholarships:

Below is a list of the requirements and materials required to submit a complete application for the International Islamic University Scholarships:
The applicant must be 35 years old
The applicant must have a university degree from an accredited higher education institution
An outstanding university degree or equivalent qualifications in relevant fields with a grade point average (GPA of no less than 300 on a maximum 4.0 scale).
Applicants have strong leadership qualities and an academic background Have a good record of co-curricular and social activities Proficiency in the English language as indicated on the certificate in the form of IELTS or TOEFL.
The English language proficiency requirement does not apply to applicants who speak English as their mother tongue, mother tongue or first language or those who graduate from universities that use English as the language of instruction or as a medium of learning.
The Arabic language proficiency requirement does not apply to applicants who speak Arabic as their mother tongue, mother tongue or first language, or those who graduate from universities that use Arabic as a language of instruction or a medium of learning

Funding provided in the International Islamic University Scholarships in Indonesia 2021:

Student visa for international students
Round trip ticket
Tuition fees for the master’s program for two academic years.
Early settlement allowance (settlement) after arriving in Indonesia
Monthly living allowance for two years Health insurance تأمين
Textbooks allowance

Documents required to apply for the International Islamic University Scholarships in Indonesia:

Applicants must submit the following documents in the form of a PDF file after completing the scholarship application form Transcripts in English or Indonesian (High School / Pre-University: University: Postgraduate Studies – if any).
If your transcripts are not in English, please ensure that they are officially translated before sending them. Any transcripts that do not meet the above requirements will be rejected and your application will be disqualified
An up-to-date CV.
A statement of purpose (a motivation letter) or your personal statement (about 1,500 words).
This statement should be around 1500 words and should include: The topic/topic you would like to study Why this topic interests you and How it will be useful for your future career. The correct way to write a successful motivation letter a prospective student should.
Provide proof of English language proficiency with a certificate not more than 12 months prior to submitting the application Persons who have studied the Bachelor’s degree in English have an exemption
You must have an Arabic language proficiency certificate

A copy of the national identity card number, the passport
2 Recommendation Letter

Application deadline: July 7, 2021

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