Internship at United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Legal Unit


Job Description

OrganizationUnited Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
LocationKhartoum, Sudan
Hardship LevelC
Job IDJR2311243
Closing Date05/02/2023

Terms of Reference

ToR for Internship
Legal Unit/Protection

1. Requesting Office: Legal Unit/ Protection Section

2. Duration of the internship: 6 months (December 2022-May 2023)

3. General Background and justification:

Sudan is hosting some 1.1 million refugees, 16,000 asylum-seekers and 2.55 million internally displaced persons (IDPs). The country is also a source, transit, and destination country for mixed movements of refugees, asylum-seekers, and migrants across the sub region towards the Middle East and Europe. There are refugees, IDPs, Sudanese returnees and IDP returnees, stateless persons and/or persons at risk of statelessness. International protection represents the core mandate of UNHCR in support of the national government in meeting its obligations under the 1951 refugee convention and other regional instruments, the Protection Unit liaises with COR/ Protection Unit and other protection partners in delivering key protection activities including registration, documentation, RSD, child protection, GBV, education, civil registration, legal and physical protection, mixed movements and solutions for refugees.
The Protection Section’s Legal Unit is currently engaged in wide areas of responsibilities including analysis of key legal developments related to POCs and areas of work of UNHCR, advocacy for law and policy reform in different areas of protection, support the work to maintain civilian character of asylum, support in framing voluntary repatriation and return policies as well as local and legal integration channels, play key role in coordination and liaison with protection counterparts, coordinate and implement statelessness and civil documentation interventions, support RSD capacity and training and capacity building for protection actors. The presence of the intern will provide the unit with additional resource that will assist in the implementation of the above-mentioned multiple interventions.

4. Scope of internship:

The intern is expected to assist in the following areas:
– Assist in the analysis of laws and policies and writing of commentaries and policy papers.
– Collect relevant information about developments in the legal sector pertaining to protection of refugees.
– Organization of workshops, seminars and other training events and meetings.
– Update the legal library with all relevant legislations and other documents.
– Arrange for the printing and translation of documents, through liaising with Supply Section and when necessary, assist in the translation of important documents
– Any other relevant tasks.

5. Learning objectives:

The intern will learn about the following topics and strengthen the following skills:

– General international protection framework
– Legal analysis
– Training
– Coordination

6. Desirable requirements:

– Completion of university studies on law.
– Good writing skills in both English and Arabic languages.
– Computer knowledge
– Satisfactory communication skills
– Willingness to take extra duties.

Additional Qualifications

  • Skills
  • Education
  • Certifications
  • Work Experience


UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, takes the lead in protecting people forced to flee wars and persecution around the world, providing life-saving aid including shelter, food and water to ensure their basic safety, rights and dignity. With 18,879 women and men working in 137​ countries, we work tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of 89.3 million forcibly displaced people worldwide.
Our dedicated and professional staff work around the clock in roles including legal protection, community services, public affairs, health and more. Despite the challenges they can face, our staff are proud to work for UNHCR and determined to make a positive impact.

Why a career with UNHCR?

Our dedicated staff work to protect and assist people fleeing conflict and persecution at a time when global forced displacement is at a record high. Our colleagues bring a wide range of specialized skills, including expertise in legal protection, administration, community services, public affairs, health and other disciplines.

Disability inclusion

If you are a person with a disability and you expect you may face challenges during the recruitment process, you can indicate it in your application form.
There are options to select any health conditions you may have and outline any necessary adjustments related to disabilities during the recruitment phases. Providing this information is optional. It will be treated as strictly confidential and used only for the purpose of finding out how to better assist you during the recruitment process.
If you missed adding it to your application or need further assistance please let us know here.

Adjustments for candidates with disabilities will be provided as best as possible and as needed upon request. 

All candidates will be assessed based on meeting the requirements for each vacancy in relation to experience, skills, and education.

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