Fully Funded Dalhousie University Undergraduate and Masters Scholarships in Canada


About Dalhousie University

Combining innovative research, meaningful teaching, and a deep sense of social responsibility

Located in Nova Scotia, Canada (Mi’kma’ki) with four campuses in Halifax and Truro, and satellite locations in Yarmouth and Saint John, New Brunswick, our broad range of academic programs attract and retain a diverse mix of incredible students, scholars, researchers, and staff who work together with an interdisciplinary perspective and a focus on service

Our 13 academic Faculties expand understanding through teaching excellence and a drive for discovery that results in more than $190 million in research funding each year. As Atlantic Canada’s primary research-intensive university and a member of the U15 Group of Canadian Universities, our research and innovation includes world-leading researchers working in labs, studios, and in the field. 

Building on our legacy of groundbreaking research and outstanding scholarship, we are focused on providing a unique, interactive, and collaborative environment that supports all our students, instructors, researchers, and staff to achieve excellence.

Applying for Scholarships

Each year, millions of dollars in scholarships, awards, bursaries and prizes is distributed through the Registrar’s Office to promising Dalhousie students. Scholarships are money awarded for academic merit. For some scholarships, assessment is also based on other criteria such as community involvement, leadership and/or financial need. 

Why you might choose the Canadian Dalhousie University Scholarship

The Dalhousie University Scholarship is an outstanding educational opportunity offered by the university to outstanding students. The scholarship provides full funding for education, including tuition, housing, and health insurance. It aims to support the development of students’ academic and professional skills through a stimulating learning environment and innovative research programs.

Funding Provided

Full cost coverage:

This scholarship is an exceptional opportunity as it covers all study costs, including tuition fees, housing, and health insurance, and this greatly reduces the financial burden on students and their families.

Outstanding education:

Dalhousie University is one of Canada’s leading universities, with diverse programs of study and innovative research. Thanks to this scholarship, students can benefit from high-quality education and mentoring by experienced professors.

cultural diversity:

Dalhousie University is distinguished by the diversity of its students in terms of nationalities and cultures, which gives students the opportunity to meet and interact with colleagues from different backgrounds. This contributes to broadening their horizons and enhancing their understanding of multiple cultures.

Career guidance:

Dalhousie University aims to equip students with the skills and tools necessary to successfully integrate into the job market. Through this scholarship, students can benefit from career guidance opportunities and development workshops that contribute to the development of their career path.

Building a network:

Besides education, this scholarship gives students the opportunity to build a strong network of social and professional relationships. These relationships can be very valuable in the future.

The Dalhousie University Fully Funded Scholarship is an important opportunity for students looking to achieve an outstanding education and an encouraging learning environment. The provision of full financial coverage and an emphasis on quality and diversity makes this scholarship an ideal choice to achieve their academic and career goals.

Registration Conditions:

  • Outstanding academic performance
  • Persuasive personal letter
  • Additional achievements
  • English tests
  • additional documents
  • Punctuality

Applicants should view the updated registration requirements on the university website and follow the instructions provided carefully. These conditions embody the university’s commitment to providing distinguished educational opportunities and encouraging outstanding students to achieve their academic and professional goals.

Papers required for admission

Admission requirements and scholarships vary from one university to another and from one program to another. For the Fully Funded Canadian Dalhousie University Scholarship, the papers required can usually include the following:

  • Application Form: The university application form must be filled in and submitted correctly.
  • Copy of high school diploma or equivalent: A copy of the high school diploma or its equivalency that proves completion of secondary education must be submitted.
  • Academic record: You may need to provide an academic record showing grades obtained in previous years.
  • Letters of Recommendation: You may be asked to provide letters of recommendation from teachers or respected people who can talk about your abilities and potential.
  • Personal Statement or Essay: You may be asked to write a personal letter outlining your goals and why you want to be considered for this scholarship.
  • English language test results: If English is not your first language, you may need to provide results from recognized tests such as TOEFL or IELTS to prove your ability to communicate in English.
  • Curriculum Vitae: Some universities may ask you to submit a CV that outlines your academic and professional experiences.
  • Additional Documents: You may need to submit additional documents depending on program and scholarship requirements such as artwork (if you are applying to an art program) or other illustrative files.

Please note that this is a general list and requirements may vary by program and university. It is always preferable to visit the university website and admissions section for an accurate list of required papers and requirements for the Fully Funded Canadian Dalhousie University Scholarship.

Stages of registration and admission to the Canadian Dalhousie University Scholarship:

First Step: Apply to the university

  1. Submit an application for admission through the official university website.
  2. Fill out the application form with the required information, such as name, date of birth, nationality, address, current educational level, and desired major.
  3. Upload the required documents.
  4. After submitting the application, confirm the registration via e-mail.’

Second Step: Confirm acceptance

  • After a period of six weeks, a confirmation of acceptance will be sent via e-mail from the university.
  • The message contains details and next steps.

Step Three: Prepare to travel

  • Arranging the translation and certification of the required documents.
  • Contact the Canadian Embassy in your country and submit a study visa application.
  • Prepare all documents required to obtain a visa.
  • The fourth step: start studying After obtaining a study visa, you can start your study trip in Canada.

Please check the official website of McMaster University for more detailed information about the requirements and steps required.

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