Best Internship Opportunity in Brussels by the European Economic and Social Committee 2021


Training details in Brussels:

The European Economic and Social Committee provides training courses for five months for university graduates who are citizens of the European Union: in addition to a number of university graduates from countries outside the European Union twice a year.

Specializations available for training in Brussels:

environment Science
Helping people develop understanding, trust and mutual tolerance

Admission requirements to train in Brussels:

The training is intended for graduates from advanced universities holding a bachelor’s degree
Or have completed at least three years of schooling
Applicants must be proficient in English or French

Notes :
Applicants who do not have a university degree can send a letter from the university stating that they have successfully completed a level of education corresponding to a university degree for the duration of the 3-year study.
Submit your application with all required documents
Delay in sending the application or lack of documents causes the application to be rejected to obtain a recognized academic qualification You have an appropriate incentive and motive to apply
The next registration period will start on July 01, 2021 and end on September 30, 2021

Documents required for training in Brussels:

1 copy of your passport or national ID
2 copies of academic transcripts
3 statement of purpose
4 letter of motivation
5 letters of recommendation
6 CV
7 Certificates of training (if any)

Advantages of training in Brussels:

The scholarship funds tuition fees
Financing travel and accommodation costs
You will get help with your student visa application
A monthly stipend will be provided to cover living expenses

Explanation of applying for an internship in Brussels:

1- Create a new account on the official website
2- Fill out the scholarship application data
3- Attach the required documents with the application file
4- Send the request to the donor
5- You will receive an email and at this stage you will be asked to copy the required documents

Training link:

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