Advanced Skills in Excel 2021 Free Course


Advanced Skills in Excel 2021 Free Course

Learn advanced skills in Excel and learn the most important and most commonly used equations in Excel

Advanced Excel Outputs:

  • Explanation of the most important and most commonly used functions in Excel
  • Explanation of the working methods of pivot tables
  • Explain how to find and replace in Excel
  • Explain how to divide and quotation cells in Excel
  • Explain how to arrange and filter data Sort, Filter S
  • Explain how to protect cells that contain equations with a password

Advanced Excel Requirements:

  • Seriousness and desire to learn
  • The practical application of the course step by step while watching the explanation

Course coach:

Coach Hesham Abdul-hamid Eisa

Excel Course Contents:

  • the first lecturer
  • The easiest explanation of the if, if compound function
  • How to search for a specific need in the excel file – replace words with other words
  • How to make Sort, Filter in Excel
  • The second lecture
  • Explanation of the SUMIF function, Sumifs
  • How to split a cell in excel
  • Third lecture
  • Explanation of the AND function, OR-0
  • Explanation of how to link the iF function with And and Or (Ifand, If or)
  • How to protect specific cells in the excel sheet
  • Fourth lecture
  • Pivot table Pivot tables
  • Explanation of Data Validation drop-down list in Excel

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